7 Key Elements to Improve Social Media Advertisement in 2020

7 Key Elements to Improve Social Media Advertisement in 2020
7 Key Elements to Improve Social Media Advertisement in 2020

Social Media Advertisement 

Change is the only thing constant when it comes to Social Media Advertisements. The strategies and tactics that worked well this year will soon become obsolete, and tragically, those who remain stagnant, and use the same approach for every campaign, will find themselves increasingly frustrated.

Social media is a globally-dominating phenomenon. It has changed the manner we buy, sell, consume, and collaborate with brands, people, and products. Social media marketing is an industry that is not slowing down for growth or opportunity. But, social media marketing is always changing.

Here are 7 features of Social Media Advertisement to improve your approach in 2020.

#1: Budget

Social media channels have become increasingly competitive throughout the years, especially Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve been doing digital advertising since Facebook implemented ads, and have been an observer to the rising costs that come with successful campaigns.

Every social media platforms are improving the AI behind their advertising platforms. For these machines to learn, they need data, and as social media advertising campaigns run, they collect and aggregate data in search of users who are most likely to convert.

In 2020, you absolutely must consider increasing your budgets if you want to be competitive. And I’m not just saying spend more because I’m a dastardly advertiser, there is logic to this approach.

#2: Video

Video is still going to play a massive part in your marketing plan even in 2020. Marketers who use video grow revenue by roughly 49% faster than non-video users. Therefore, there is a massive opportunity for measurable ROI with video ads.

If you haven’t been using video yet now’s the time to invest. Not only are video ads even more engaging, but they allow you to supercharge your reach and targeting on Facebook.

Did you know that any watching more than 50% of a video is interested in your brand or product, and is more likely to make a purchase? Therefore, if you have the opportunity or means to create a strong video, this can have a massive positive impact on your social media advertising.

Start off with simple, well-edited videos and grow to feature-length documentaries that build brand recognition and audiences.

#3: Advertising Pixels

Every social media platform that offers to advertise has pixels, and these little scraps of code enable websites to share information with the social media providers to help inform advertising campaigns.

Facebook’s Pixel, in particular, is extraordinarily powerful and should be used with every campaign.

From making Custom Audiences to creating Custom Conversions, getting pixel-savvy is an absolute must if you want your social ad campaigns to be competitive in 2020. Not exclusively is the access to data amazing, you can really reveal social media what objective you want to optimize against. This is a great way to build an effective sales funnel.

#4: Power of Testing

Your social media advertising strategy may be well laid out and implemented. And you could have done all the needed homework and also have taken calculated risks while starting a campaign.

But how do you know which ads are complete losers and which ones are the real winners? How do you find out what’s making some of your ads tick? How do you ensure your campaign is successful in the long run?

If you truly want your social media ad campaigns to pay off, you should never stop testing, as many elements as you can. Right from your ad copy to the image to your campaign objective. Test everything, and often.

Yes, getting results with social media ads does require you to go through a bit of trial and error. But in the end, this is the very knowledge that will help you avoid future mistakes.

#5: Utilizing Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of 2020 advertising. Lots of our clients have already started using them in Messenger, or to help with their customer service. However, soon they will become an essential part of social media advertising.

Studies show that 56% of people would rather message with a brand than call a customer services line, and 56% of people are more likely to shop with businesses they can message.

Chatbots and marketing automation is a great way to develop and increase your advertising efforts, making sure you are ahead of your competition.

#6: Think Long Term

In order to create a strong social media advertising strategy that survives the test of time, you should think long term. In other words, the ads that you run should reflect your long-term strategy.

It’s easy to create and run ads without focusing too much on how your audience will perceive you in the long run. But given that you are running ad campaigns regularly, they will have a perception of you and your brand.

#7: Optimization

One of the biggest things we’ve learned this year is the power of optimizing ads and ad sets quickly and at scale.

This means keeping an eye on how your campaigns are performing, both at macro and micro levels and cutting out non-performers or elements that are generating results at a higher than average cost.

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