Android 10 is finally starting to arrive for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung's Galaxy S10
Samsung's Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10

After a chunky delay, Samsung’s flagship phone line, the Galaxy S10 range, is getting upgraded to Android 10. It’s frankly a little surprising that it’s taken this long, but it looks like the wait is over. Users in Germany have apparently started to see the option to update their phones to Android 10 across a range of handsets – all of the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e have got the option to get the fresh OS version.

So far there’s no official indication of when this availability is likely to widen out to other countries, but it’s a safe assumption that it won’t take long for Samsung to open the floodgates a little wider.

The update will bring some of the nice quality of life improvements that Android 10 debuted. These include a system-wide dark mode, as has become almost expected in the last year or so. Privacy controls should get a step up, as well, and some digital wellbeing software has been added to encourage healthy usage patterns.

Samsung’s layered on some of its own tweaks, too, it would seem, such as a change to add some more detail to its graph showing battery usage. Samsung’s also apparently worked to ensure that pop-ups, like calls and messages when you’re watching a video, are smaller and less obtrusive than before.

In terms of Samsung handsets other than the Galaxy S10 range getting the upgrade, a roadmap of Android 10 updates released by Samsung Israel last week indicates that 2020 will see a slew of handsets upgraded over time.

For the Galaxy S10, though, a wider geographical release should happen by January 2020. This German release is actually ahead of that roadmap’s schedule, however, so we might be getting Android 10 sooner than hoped.

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