How to Build a Monthly Social Media Strategy Calendar | 5 Steps Guide

Monthly Social Media Strategy Calendar
Monthly Social Media Strategy Calendar

This is arguably the most critical step of a successful social media strategy. The monthly social media strategy calendar will be your most valuable tool when it comes to planning ahead, staying organized, maximizing efficiency, and leading content creation and management.

The following 5 steps guide do let you know how to make monthly social media strategy calendar for your brand/ company/organization:

#1: Build up content columns to assist you with characterizing and gathering social content into unmistakably characterized classifications, for example, “product,” “service,” “events,” and “publication.” Leave space for impermanent classes like ” seasonal campaign,” which could be related to one-off events or campaigns.

#2: Consider asset types. What assets will you share on social? What resources do you approach and can without much of a stretch appropriate distribute across channels? Depending on your bandwidth, you may choose to create new, social-specific assets from scratch, like graphics, photos, infographics, videos, and animations. Note that text-only posts tend to be less successful when comes to engaging social audiences.

#3: Determine how frequently you will post on each platform. Contingent upon content volume, posting recurrence will change from organization to organization.  You may choose to post multiple times every day or only a few times every week. In terms of deciding when to post, the best method is to test a few different times to determine when your audience is online and willing to engage with your content.

#4: Choose how severe or adaptable the schedule ought to be. Are you assigning posts a hard publication time and date, or can timing be roughly estimated? Whether or not you are following a strict schedule, you should plan posts at least one to two weeks in advance. Get ready for live or constant posts as most ideal as by drafting stand-in duplicate and preparing hashtags.

#5: Set your goals and the KPIs you’ll measure for success month over month or year over year. In doing so, you’ll eventually be able to track relative performance to understand which tactics are most effective and where you need to optimize.

Once completed, circulate your calendar to your wider team to ensure that everyone is aligned and can share the same expectations for the month. The calendar ought to uncover which tools and services you will require extra assets for, regardless of whether that is video creation of publicizing. Consequently, making a calendar is essential for apportioning allocating budget.

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