Payoneer in Pakistan: The Easiest Way to Transfer Money Online

payoneer mastercard in pakistan

Payoneer Mastercard in Pakistan

It is an online money transaction solution that has eased cash transfers across various nations. Payoneer Mastercard makes it simple and easy for Freelancers, Service Providers and Stock Photographers to handle their Cross-Border Payments. it is considered as a God gift for money transactions. Currently, it is being approved in 200+ nations with 150+ currencies.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a New York-based financial services company offering an online cash transfer facility all over the globe without any physical visit to the bank to have this account or to complete your transaction.

Payoneer’s goal is to enable businesses to go beyond limitations and expectations. Taking benefits of its advanced technology, compliance, operations, and banking infrastructure, Payoneer facilitates a bundle of services which includes global online transaction, working capital, tax solutions, and threat management. The discussion hence is regarded as a viable option to Paypal, especially in countries in which Paypal isn’t present yet.

Payoneer in Pakistan

The payoneer function is to facilitate individuals to circulate money globally by moving funds across borders and from international companies implemented elsewhere. Since Pakistan is about the 4th number of freelancer service providers in the world, that most Payoneer consumers chances to be a freelancer. When Payoneer is supplying money getting a facility from websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance, and Pro, etc. The Payoneer may also be used to buy things online.

Payoneer in Pakistan: The Easiest Way to Transfer Money Online
Payoneer in Pakistan: The Easiest Way to Transfer Money Online

Where could Payoneer be utilized?

    • Freelancing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Online Selling


Payoneer provides franchisees easy freelancer payment options to pay and get paid by companies and marketplaces worldwide. The quick, flexible and cheap freelancer payment approaches create receiving and sending payment for freelance jobs globally straightforward and cost-effective. Get paid for a freelance job on the marketplace such as Upwork and Fiverr or straight from any U.S. or European companies.

Digital Marketing

Payoneer delivers a fantastic solution for internet advertisers, affiliates, publishers and content creators, giving them a very simple approach to get paid by top digital marketing and advertising platforms. With Payoneer, electronic marketers may get paid globally as readily as they can be local. Countless internet advertising platforms provide Payoneer as a payment system in many different currencies, including a number of the world’s largest affiliate networks and platforms such as Tradedoublers, Taboola, ClickBank and DailyMotion. The payments can also be made simple from any programs built on programs such as Cake or even HasOffers.

Online Selling

Payoneer assists eSellers significantly increase chances for global expansion, enlarge their reach and increase their earnings. Online sellers want the ideal eCommerce payment option. People who earn money on Amazon and who’d usually find problems in getting payments with no U.S. or European bank accounts, utilize Payoneer to guarantee they’re outfitted with all they should get paid. This event enables these eCommerce vendors to concentrate on expanding their business. They encourage maximizing earnings with this eCommerce market payment gateway.

How can Payoneer work?

One needs to get registered using Payoneer. He/S is given with a digital account that may be utilized to send/receive cash across all the programs which are encouraged by it. The Payoneer accounts may be used in ATMs, so that the consumers may withdraw cash from local ATMs readily.

Payoneer also provides you the choice to draw the amount directly to a bank account. Aside from transferring cash to someone’s own bank accounts, cross transfers between two Payoneer accounts may also be made that are entirely free of prices. When the account is confirmed and Registered using Payoneer, the consumers can get their payments by choosing Payoneer payment choice on the global websites which encourage Payoneer.

In the event, the obligations need to be created from individual customers (customers that aren’t connected with any Payoneer-linked website), a payment request needs to be produced by the to-be recipient. When the requires details are filled in, Payoneer drops a connection (with details about the best way best to cover ) within an email to the individual making the payment. The recipients also can personally share the connection with senders.

Banks Supporting Payoneer ATM Card at Pakistan

  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Samba Bank
  • Alfalah Bank

Payoneer Withdrawal Limits

Utilizing Payoneer Master card You May Withdraw a maximum of 2,500 $ (2,50,000 Rs) daily in a maximum of ten trades, but in Pakistan that you can only draw around 2k $.

Payoneer Fees

Payoneer could be arranged at no cost. Annual deduction occurs when using their services. Presently, the yearly Payoneer Fee is currently $29.95. Aside from these prices, your Community bank may also charge you for using their ATMs.

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