Telenor Hourly Internet Packages

Telenor hourly internet packages

Telenor is the second-largest digital and cellular services provider all over in Pakistan powered by Telenor Group that deals in data content and mobile communication services worldwide in Asia. Telenor is the best service provider in the modern era as compared to its competitors. It also provides daily, weekly and monthly packages as well. In this blog, we will talk about Telenor Hourly Internet Package.

Telenor hourly internet package


Telenor Hourly Internet Packages

Telenor offers different hourly packages for its customers according to a different volume, prices with their durations.

Telenor 1 Hour Package

Telenor hourly internet package are very useful and cheap so that it helps our customers to call their loved ones and stay connected to them all the time. It includes

Telenor hourly internet package


Volume: 500 MB

Price: 12.RS

Duration: 1 hour

Subscription code: *345*981#

Telenor 2 Hour Package

Telenor also provides a two-hour package with low rates. The plus is we provide free on-net minutes for our customers.

Telenor hourly call package

Volume: 200 MB + Free On-Net Calls

Price: 6.RS

Duration: 2 hour

Subscription code: *345*20#

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